First song released: Headlights

First song released: Headlights.Available from all the usual online music stores / streaming sites:




A collaboration between Helen Joslin and myself. Originally an unfinished song by Helen. I recorded her singing the song (with her guitar) a few years ago. I revisited the recording late 2017, sampling the vocal and constructing the music and arrangement.

Influences from Pink Floyd and the electronica of Bjork are apparent.

Thank you to Deano Bradley for the mixing/sound advice.

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Image credit: Mario Azzi

Resent. Collaboration with Bev Mayo

Back in the late 90’s, I met Bev through band mates in Hell Let Loose. We chatted about how we were both feeling at the time: that everyone wants to hear or respects happy tunes but we both wanted to make something dark. So, she came over for the day (to my parents dining room) and we made this…

The highlight for me in this track is the chilling sound of Bev’s voice harmonised through a vocoder.

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(Image credit: Scott Calnon Photography.)

New site and maybe a plan…

Ok, so it’s Jan 2018. I have spent A lot of time wishing and wanting to get back in to being properly creative with music again. Playing in covers acts is great but I just doesn’t quite complete the picture for me.

Behind the scenes I’ve been doing some learning, new DAW (music software) Ableton Live – which I love as it lets you quickly put ideas down and mix them up and experiment.

First big step was putting this site together and with that comes a collaboration of sorts with a good friend of mine – Scotty Calnon, who has kindly agreed to the use of some of his photography work, some of which are so well suited to my sound. Check out his work here.

I have some more learning and catching up to do. It won’t be quick, having a full time job, young family and being a weekend gigging musician, free time is not plentiful. But that’s Ok, hopefully something will come out of this soon…

Festival of light at The Eden Project

I travelled down the road to the Eden Project with the family for the festival of light. We were immersed in a sensory experience by laser beam and the sound of the Sound of light ensemble. A great band, which I would absolutely live to play with or do something similar to live; one for the old bucket list perhaps…