New site and maybe a plan…

Ok, so it’s Jan 2018. I have spent A lot of time wishing and wanting to get back in to being properly creative with music again. Playing in covers acts is great but I just doesn’t quite complete the picture for me.

Behind the scenes I’ve been doing some learning, new DAW (music software) Ableton Live – which I love as it lets you quickly put ideas down and mix them up and experiment.

First big step was putting this site together and with that comes a collaboration of sorts with a good friend of mine – Scotty Calnon, who has kindly agreed to the use of some of his photography work, some of which are so well suited to my sound. Check out his work here.

I have some more learning and catching up to do. It won’t be quick, having a full time job, young family and being a weekend gigging musician, free time is not plentiful. But that’s Ok, hopefully something will come out of this soon…

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